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Titles for Home Movies, Video and Audio


Your custom titles can be added to the final product at no additional charge. For movies and video, the title will appear for a few moments before the start of each film reel or video tape. The DVD case will also have a title of your own choosing. For audio transfers, the audio tracks will be labeled on the CD case. To help things run smoothly, here are some recommendations.


·         Clearly label each movie reel or video tape. If you have dates, they will be placed in chronological order.

·         For audio tapes, clearly label the recording as you would like it to appear on the CD case.

·         For the case cover. we will use pictures from your transfer. If you prefer, you can provide your own photo. For example, your wedding photo for the cover of your wedding video.


If you have no idea what is on the reel / cassette / video / etc., don't worry. Many people come in with things that are completely unknown and unmarked.  



Shipment of Your Films and Videos to Ferin Films


Our shipping recommendations:


·         Pack your films safely to prevent damage.

·         Use USPS priority service, not media mail, to get your films here as fast as possible.  Media mail could keep your films sitting in the postal service route for 2 weeks.

·         If you want your films to be as safe as possible, you can ship them registered mail, although this costs a bit more.  It is the safest way to ship your films as they are kept locked during shipment.  We are happy to send you an e-mail to inform you when your films arrive and when they are shipped back to you.

·         If you are in the area of Poughkeepsie, NY, if you wish you can arrange drop-off and pick-up of your films with us.


Poughkeepsie NY is in Dutchess County.  It is located about 40 minutes west of Danbury, CT, 50 minutes east of Middletown, NY.  It is right in the middle between Albany and New York City, making it about 90 minutes north of NYC and 90 minutes south of Albany, NY.


Before you send us any films, contact us and let us know the items that you want to have transferred.  We will provide you with a total amount for your order.




Payment must be received along with the items you need transferred.  The transfer process will not start until we receive payment.  We accept money orders, checks and PayPal.  Money orders and checks should be made out to “Ferin Films”.


How Long Will the Process Take?


A typical order will be processed and shipped in 1 to 2 weeks after receiving it.  If you need your order processed faster, please contact us for rush service.  Rush service requires payment with a money order or PayPal.


Customer Recommendations


I received the reels back and of course they were returned in “better shape” than when they left. This whole process has been absolutely painless!!! The transfers were done exactly as promised, the files were named where it was easy to go through them and see what was on each reel. This has been first class every step of the way, I know where I will get all of my transfers done.  Thank you so much!! Christmas will be very special around my house this year.

- Brian O., Mesquite, TX.


I am extremely pleased with the clarity, packaging and presentation.  Everything was better than I expected.

- Ray K., Poughkeepsie, NY.


Ferin Films captured and preserved our family's images, our particular history, crafted milestones and our special moments from the fragile reels we saved for decades. These images, captured and now saved, remind us of who we were when we were on our way to becoming who we are today, the value of which is immeasurable.

- Anita, Hopkinton, MA.


The films look excellent.  Thank you for the work you put into them.

- Donald and Sandra T., Harrells, NC.


Your work showed superior craftsmanship, brought wonderful memories back to life and were processed in a quick and professional manner.  It was a fabulous walk back in time that was fun and touches the heart. 

- Gunn S., Yonkers, NY.


I think they are excellent! The chapters are so great! I love the way it's set up, and I'm extremely pleased with the quality! Well, I've never needed this type of work before, but you know if I ever do again I'll be contacting you.

- Dawn O. Wappingers Falls, NY.


The CDs are wonderful! My father just loved them. I really appreciate your ability to turn around the order in time for his birthday. It really helped to make it an extra special day for him.
- Ray R., NY.


Sorry to take a while to get around to letting you know how fabulous the CDs absolute delight to listen to and reminisce! Great job on the sound, eliminating the clicks and pops, etc! (And having them divided into individual tracks is a wonderful bonus that I hadn't even planned on...)

- Matt M., NY.





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